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Funds Management*

At AlphaBlock we have designed 2 main funds to hold crypto currencies. You can choose to allocate your cryptos in these funds or you can also create your own fund and let us manage it. With your authorization we will take care of executing the trades to protect your cryptos from market news or to enter at excellent prices.

*We are currently applying to all the regulatory requirements to be able to broker to third parties. This statement is forward looking.


The main strategy of this fund is to take advantage of the main waves of trading. Over the years we have been able to identify that the cryptos move in patters where there will be periods of growth, and then some periods of corrections. The fund will aim to exploit the uptrends by holding long the main currencies and exiting this positions when the uptrend shows weakness. This is done to allow the currencies to slightly downtrend and use the capital and profits to enter at bigger positions at better prices.

Crypto Fund Wide Exposure

Fund Type: Long only, unleveraged, basket, cryptocurrency exclusive

Asset Selection: The general strategy is to follow the cryptocurrency market as a whole. However, coins will not be blindly chosen based on market cap alone. Key factors when considering coins to hold will include the economic structure of the coin, the potential applications (target markets), current working applications, and the strength of the surrounding communities (developers, users, businesses). The goal of this portfolio is to benefit from the rise of cryptocurrency without taking unnecessary risks.

General Make Up: Focusing mostly on Bitcoin and Ethereum with some smaller holdings in other coins with interesting value propositions. Holdings will more or less mimic actual market share of each coin with some discretionary adjustments.

Rebalancing: Rebalancing every 4 months or if the fundamentals of any coin change significantly. Every rebalancing requires a re-evaluation of whether the portfolio still follows our long-term strategy

The assets held within our fund will be cared for using the highest end security solution cold storage. The funds assets will be held offline and stored in our AlphaBlock vault for protections.

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