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Crypto Education

For all our courses, we have partnered up with the Institute of Trading and Finance. Their state of the art facilities are complete with a trading floor full of professional equipment to trade live money or demo accounts. Our courses are held in person or online.

Exchanges and platform setup courses

This course will teach you about the major exchanges where cryptocurrencies are traded. You will learn about the characteristics of exchanges, and the best course of action to get started on a wide variety of coins. This course will give you the best picture on current events regarding exchanges and legal implications of using them. This course also includes a section dedicated to different trading platforms used by exchanges.

Blockchain course

Get an understanding of the revolutionary technology behind the Bitcoin Blockchain. This module focuses on the power of blockchain ledgers for data storage (regular and monetary), and how the mining process is used to verify transactions circulating around the world.

Crypto Currency Encryption Course

Ever wanted to learn how to program you own cryptocurrency? In this module, we focus on the coding aspects of cryptocurrencies using blockchain technology. We go over what makes a coin unique from others and we will also explore how the economics of supply and demand lead to a coin’s fair market value.

Technical analysis on crypto Currencies

Learn how technical analysis can be used to analyze the price fluctuations of crypto currencies and develop strategies based on volume, price and time. In this module, we will look at using popular technical analysis tools such as RSI, Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages, etc to help identify entry and exit points in cryptocurrency markets.

Crypto Strategy Sessions in Agora

Use the power of Agora to help you get all the latest news and research on developments in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, exchanges, mining, and changing regulations in crypto world.

Individual in depth courses about each coin

Learn about the 10 most popular cryptocurrencies in the world right now. Understand what makes them unique and what gives them their value. Furthermore, we go over the underlying technology of each coin and how the coins are brought into into existence. Finally we explore the perceived market value of each coin and watch how investors and speculators can drive the price of these coins to astronomical levels.

Margin trading with crypto currencies

Understand the world of leveraged trading as it applies to cryptocurrencies. Participate in the fast paced market by buying/selling coins in both the futures market and through CFDs. Both dynamic markets have functions to offer which will be suited to different trading styles and account sizes.

In Person Courses

Crypto Trading Floor

Our classroom and cryptocurrency trading floor is located at 48 rue Le Royer Ouest
Montreal, QC H2Y 1W7, Canada. Come Visit Us!

State of the art equipment

All our computers have 4 to 6 screens, high speed internet lines and power backups. We take trading seriously.

Live Fees and Context Information

We run our own proprietary AGORA software that scrapes the internet to get fast and relevant information about all cryptocurrencies.

Live Streams and Strategy Session

Whether it is a new ICO hitting the market, a contentious software fork, or a macro economic shock, we constantly provide strategy sessions and bootcamps for all of our alumni to stay up up top date and take advantage of all the opportunities that the crypto markets provide.


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