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We are in a financial revolution where people are starting to feel that the centralized monetary system is not enough to secure a stable future. For this reason diversification of your financial assets is key.
In the upcoming years a new financial have been emerging, crypto currencies. These technologies consist of decentralized consensus markets where you can buy and sell token / coins or any other public private key pairs through transactions.
AlphaBlock Financial Group enables you to enter this market by setting up your account and going over the different exchanges and security protocols.

Exchanges we will setup for you

In order for you to be able to purchase cryptos, you need to have a vast of exchanges and be approved in all of them. AlphaBlock Financial Group will take care of getting you approved in all exchanges. With our consultancy package, we will provide verification in the following exchanges:


Fastest exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin.


Biggest exchange in Europe. This exchange provides exposure to the following coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. This exchange is one of the biggest exchanges.


You will not be verified to this exchange, only an account will be created with all the appropriate security protocols in place.


This exchange is particularly valuable when cashing out bitcoin into the Canadian monetary system as the coins are sold in CAD and they are about 5% higher on this market than on the other exchanges.


In this exchange you will be able to buy and sell the alt coins, coins that are not on the bigger exchanges and trade under BTC markets.

For each exchange you will receive:

  1. Login Credentials
  2. Security Tokens
  3. Account setup and security

A strategy as to when to use what exchange will be explained in person in the consultancy session included. We will cover topics like where to buy, where to sell, arbitrage, and more.


Wallets for the top 5 coins will be setup and provided. This will let you move coins from the exchanges to your computer or from one exchange to another.


With this package you will be given a Trezor or hardware wallet. A security device used to store the crypto assets. This is the safest way to store and keep safe your crypto financial assets.

As tutorial as to how use the device will be also provided in the consultancy Session.


In the consultancy session we will discuss what is a good idea in terms of crypto distributions or portfolio percentages.


You will be handed the following items:

  • A USB key containing:
  1. Excel document with all your account login and passwords and security tokens.
  2. A folder with all the software executables for all wallets with instruction as to how to set them up. ** Note that is very important to always change the random password that will be set. All passwords will be generated at random using a password scrambler.
  3. A hardware wallet Trezor for your crypto assets.
  4. A 2 hour consultancy session to go over all the different items of the report, namely:
    1. Explanation of the exchange
    2. Explanation of the wallets
  • Explanation of the Security Device
  1. Overall market walkthrough and portfolio allocation strategies.


In order to achieve all of the above you will be required to provide:

  1. A crypto GMAIL account login and password. We recommend you do your regular gmail account with _crypto at the end with a new password.
  2. All the KYC documents required by each exchange. This will include: Passport or Driver license front and back, recent utility bill, etc.
  3. Phone number to be available for verification purposes.


The cost of the setup is $1199, this price includes 2 hours of consultancy for the presentation and the hardware wallet with a value of $200. More consultation will be available at a rate of $75 dollars / hour.


The setup will take about 1 week of time. At this point all application will be submitted. We do not control how long each application takes but all the process will be performed. Once this is done or if you agree, the appointment for the consultancy session will take place.


Payment is available in Cash, Credit Card, or Check.

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