Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2008, cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. Combining elements of hardcore cryptography and behavioral economics, Bitcoin promised to be THE payment system and currency for this new globally connected age of internet and technology.

Flash forward 9 years, and the market cap of Bitcoin sits at just under $80 billion with the combined cryptocurrency market cap at around double that number. In these 9 short years, the technology has grown from a basement experiment by cryptography geeks (now all multi-millionaires) to an entirely new asset class that cannot be ignored. Spurred by Bitcoin’s early successes (and stumbles along the way) a swathe of new cryptocurrencies have emerged, each trying to claim their own stake in the crypto landscape.

Regardless of whether one fully understands the technology behind these cryptocurrencies, one cannot ignore that they are here to stay and likely to change many aspects of the financial world. However, because of the complex nature of these cryptocurrencies it can be difficult to navigate the web of regulation and security when investing. For this reason, AlphaBlock Financial Group has created a fund with the sole purpose of allowing investors to access this new market with security and balance. An unleveraged fund holding a basket of cryptocurrencies that will allow one to invest and grow your wealth with utmost confidence.


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